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What we believe

The disciples followed Jesus for 3 years and observed Jesus’ miracles as he demonstrated his power over nature and disease.  To the horror of the disciples they witnessed Jesus’ death on the cross.  It was enough to convince them that those 3 years of their lives had been a waste.  But these same disciples eventually gave up everything and often their lives, to spread the truth about Jesus.  So, why the change?  They saw Jesus and because of the evidence they were convinced that he had risen from the dead.  God became a man and died on the cross for our sins, and has risen again.  This is the basis of what we believe.

The universe and everything in it was made by God.  But it was messed up by the disobedience of our ancestors, Adam and Eve.  Jesus came to correct their mistakes and the wrongness that we inherited from them.  Through his miracles and resurrection Jesus proved he was God in the flesh therefore we can rely on what he taught.

Jesus now offers us a way to be forgiven and to be changed from the inside.  When we believe on Him we receive a new life that will last forever.  Through this new life we have real hope and purpose that helps us through each day.  Jesus has promised to come back to this planet to make things right again.  He has promised a new eternal kingdom that will be peaceful and will have perfect justice.