what we do

Our Sunday Services 

start at 10.30 and 6.30 and last for about an hour.  

We are always happy to see visitors

The services follow roughly the same format

Opening hymn

(in the evening usually preceded by a few choruses)

 Prayer and notices

 Choruses (in the morning) or a hymn (evening)

 Children’s talk (morning) / a prayer time (evening)

 Reading the Bible

 Another hymn

 The talk (or sermon) 

 Final hymn

 Closing prayer

 After the services we tend to stay and chat a while with drinks and biscuits in the evening

 To bring

There is no need to bring anything – Bibles and songbooks are given out.  No collection plate is passed round: there is a box at the back of the church if you wish to make a donation. 


The services are led by one or two of our Elders and occasionally a visiting minister.  

No obligation

There is no obligation to sing!  We are accompanied by a piano and often other instruments – guitar, flute, bass


The talk lasts 20-30 minutes and will often be part of a series going through a section of the Bible (but each one stands alone as well), illustrated with a presentation on the screen. Recent sermon summaries can be found on YouTube at ….


We do not kneel for the prayers but we stand up for most of the hymns – it is announced if we stay sitting down.

No requirements

Other than singing there is no requirement of the audience to participate – no responses or hugging the person next to you!


You can sit where you like – no one has their “own” seat.