Tony B

1  My name is Tony Budgen. I am retired but do voluntary work. I am trustee on the League of Friends Committee and also the membership secretary for L.O.F at local Queen Victoria Hospital.  I also help at the foodbank in the town and am at present Chairman of residents association at Sackville Court.

2  My personal experience of God began when I attended Sunday School where I learnt all about Him. I later got converted and asked Our Lord Jesus to come into my heart, forgive me my sins, and I promised I would follow Him.

3  Being a Christian means to me that I am a follower of and love my Lord.  This is the most important thing to me. I have been a Christian now for over 50 years.

4  My every day experience of Christian life today is that I try to follow His teachings and lead the life that is pleasing to Him, One day I shall meet Him face to face and will be required to answer for the way I have lived my life.

5  West Street Church is special to me because that is where I go to meet with my Lord and I have fellowship with Him and His people. It is a very friendly Church