A week by week look at the book of acts by Graham Scott as an integral part of Sunday worship taking us to a deeper understanding of God's Word. 

Journey’s end

What an experience for Paul and his companions as they battled the Mediterranean storm for no fewer than 14 days. They had feared for their lives, but at the darkest and most fearful time God spoke and gave reassurance.

Testing faith to the limit

Paul was on his way to Rome. God had given Paul two unenviable assignments; he was to visit Jerusalem and then Rome.

Politics and doing the right thing: Festus’ conundrum

Who would be a leader? Pilate was faced with one of the trickiest decisions one could imagine. He had the responsibility of representing the Roman Empire on his shoulders, a responsibility that demanded order and efficient administration of Roman justice. But he had the misfortune to preside over an unruly people prone to rioting and unfathomable religious trouble making.

Paul speaks in his defence

God had given Paul an assignment. He was to visit Jerusalem and then Rome. The journey would be dangerous and difficult but it was an important part of God’s plan.

Felix hears: the accusations, the defence and the gospel

Paul is in Jerusalem, he has had an encounter with a hostile crowd in the Temple grounds, an audience with the Sanhedrin that ended in uproar and now he is in the care of the Roman authorities.