A week by week look at the book of acts by Graham Scott as an integral part of Sunday worship taking us to a deeper understanding of God's Word. 

A new thing

In chapter 9 we saw a remarkable turn of events. Saul was intent on imprisoning and killing believers in Jesus: but he met Jesus. It was whilst

Game changer

In the last chapter we saw how radically things had changed for the believers. They had been enjoying a near idyllic experience as they

Decision time.

God was communicating with the people of Israel in a definite and particular way. The apostles had been diligent in carrying out Jesus’ instructions to be witnesses to what he had done.

What a difference a day makes

It had all been going so well. God was at work. A new relationship with God had been inaugurated on the day of Pentecost. The new covenant spoken of by the prophet Jeremiah had begun and the apostles had been diligent in being witnesses of Jesus.

Strife, staffing and struggle.

We have seen thus far in Acts that the focus is on Israel. Jesus had presented himself as Messiah to these people,