A week by week look at the book of acts by Graham Scott as an integral part of Sunday worship taking us to a deeper understanding of God's Word. 

Three wonders and an organized opposition

As we come to this somewhat strange story that dominates Acts 5 we will need to spend some time looking at the wide context under which these events took place.

There may be trouble ahead

We saw last time that Peter and John had entered the Temple at the busy time of the afternoon prayer. They knew there was a man there who was in need,

The day of Pentecost – Part 3

We’ve now studied almost all of this remarkable day of Pentecost; the day that the Spirit came, the day that a new promise to Israel came into effect, the day that people were to be changed from the inside out.

Peter’s second sermon

We’ve seen how God has a big plan to fix the problems evident in this world that come from Adam’s sin:,

A major junction

  1. The big story:

We had the pleasure of visiting the Sussex town on Alfriston last week. It was a near perfect early autumn day, sun was shining, it was late afternoon,