A week by week look at the book of acts by Graham Scott as an integral part of Sunday worship taking us to a deeper understanding of God's Word. 

The story of the bible as it relates to Israel and the Jews is a depressing account of a people who go on and on disobeying God in spite of their privileged place and in spite of repeated warnings.


In chapter 18 we read about the conclusion of Paul’s second missionary journey and the beginning of his third a journey that would take him back to Ephesus. We will see in chapter 19 a number of incidents that underline the trends we have already noted in Acts – the development of the new covenant, the coming of the Holy Spirit and the continued rejection of the good news by the Jews

Thessalonica, Brea and Athens: Starting where people are.

Acts 17 is a continuation of Paul’s second missionary journey. Paul and Silas had set off from the church in Antioch and had retraced some of the steps of the previous missionary journey. They visited Derbe and Lystra.

The journey continues – Corinth, Ephesus and back to Antioch.

We continue on Paul’s second missionary journey. A journey that took Paul and his companions back through Turkey and with God’s prompting across the Agean sea to Macedonia

Paul’s second missionary journey.

At this stage in the book of Acts Israel is being set aside as a result of its unbelief and the church is coming into ever clearer view. The church was being built and preaching was the method that Paul and his companions were adopting to accomplish this.