At West Street we are about to begin a study of a little part of the New Testament

It's a short letter written in the Spring of AD 62 by a man whose name was Paul.

Paul had upset the Jews and the Romans by talking a lot about Jesus, for this they put him in Prison and then took him all the way to Rome for trial before Cesear. He was at the time quite a high profile prisoner.

Despite being in a considerable predicament himself, Paul cant stop thinking about a little group of people a 1000 miles away in a town called Colossae. These people had believed that Jesus was the Messiah and that life was meant to be lived in conjunction with his remarkable teaching.

The letter we still have is in the blble and named after that town and we know it as Pauls letter to Colossians.

The text is genine and still speaks to those who believe that Jesus was the promised Messiah and still want to live lives as taught by our maker and Saviour - Jesus Christ.

On sunday morning 10 Jan at 10.30 we begin with a talk about the people mentioned in the letter and discover what they were like.

Do come and join us,