The Kilim story retold

my mat

no ordinary mat : a talking mat

not a mat - a kilim from Anatolia a district from antiquity - before Christ

a sophisticated language of mirrored symbols

generally woven by rural women

and at the same time communicating their thoughts on life, marriage and happiness


it is a message, a letter to us across time


they are a prayer and contain references to :-

male+female union

of male virility and female fertility

about a river of life

the five fingered comb symbol to ward off dangers in birth and wedding.

birds representing the soul flying away

evil eye symbols to scare off the bad stuff


Then, in the middle of Anatolia we find Colossae and its house church

to the centre of this area of superstition Paul writes a letter

It’s about male + female behavior 

about the soul and eternal happiness

about children and husbands

about a God we can embrace like a husband and not fear in a remote way

about evil in the air and what to do about it

another letter from Anatolia, not of fear . . . . . .a letter confidence and promise

lets examine and uncover the story in Paul’s letter to Colossae