We had a mystery Christmas present, hard, square and shoe box size

It as a bird nesting box for the garden

Now sited in a sheltered spot

But it's only for 25mm blue, coal and marsh tits

Not tree sparrows or pied flycatchers! they are 28mm birds mine a 25mm entry box

Or those burly house sparrows (32mm)

It's a safe place for tiny birds,   nurtured unmolested, no fear of nest raiders

A safe zone so a place to nurture the vulnerable

A nurture zonenesting box

Now the open garden is home to many predators - Jays and Magpies are only well dressed Crows

Cats and squirrels

A danger zone

Parent Birds are well aware of dangers, bad beasts out there with claws 

Parent Birds also struggle and toil to bring the brood to flight and adulthood

Theirs is a struggle nurture zone

Not unlike our look at Colossians later   

We think about surroundings

There are safe zones, danger zones, struggle zones and We are advised

What we surround ourselves with is so important

What others surround us with must be recognised

God cares for sparrows, God cares for us - He gives us Colossians

Part 2 this Sunday morning at 10.30