The study of Colossians means reading and re-reading the Epistle, or letter. While doing this I wondered what it would be like to write such a letter, what would it look like hand written, how long would it take and so on. In this digital age it does still amuse me now and then to write a letter, all the more so when I stay at a hotel that continues to leave Hotel headed notepaper in the bedroom . . . then I have to write a letter.

In my studio I have a stock of hand made watercolour paper, I selected an old one ruled a few column guides picked up a pen and began to write, or rather copy. I do recommend this as an exercise, to feel the flow of Pauls thoughts through the mind and into the hand has to be done to be believed.illuminated text Phrase by phrase is read, held and written, steadily through the four chapters, not that Paul thought about chapters. Ignoring all verses and chapters allows it all to flow, to feel his mind ranging sideways a bit then surging forwards, repeading himself where needed and closing with personal messages and greetings - amazing time travel.

It took me around three hours to copy, I soon realised that I had more columns that text to fill them - so I began leaving spaces to fill with some simple abstract watercolours later.

I have a sketch book of drawings where I had responses to Psalms a few years ago, these seem to work well with the New Testament Epistle so I selected a few and and reproduced then in the spaces with watercolour. I now had my own illuminated Epistle.