So we are part of a failed and flawed race under God’s judgement.

We are offered a means to escape the judgement and live right lives by means of a new life force within us. But since that old nature is still there, are we destined to put up with this old-versus-new battle within our being for ever? Not at all. Permanent change is in sight.

If we’ve absorbed the thinking of most people of our day we can easily think of this world as something that has been around forever and that will be around long enough to see our short lives out. But this world has a history planned out by God. Since he made it in the first place he has more than a vague idea of what the future will look like. Our race started in innocence. We can’t go back to that, too much has happened, but there is a conclusion to the story of this world in sight. What will that conclusion mean for us? Two key things we need to know: if we die we will be (to quote St Paul) ‘present with the Lord’.  As we shed these mortal bodies that are subject to decay and disease we will not cease to exist but will be with the Lord. We don’t know masses about what this will be like but we know that this is the nature of the eternal life that Jesus offered. Is that it? No – there’s more. There is a day planned when Jesus returns to this world. On his return two rather remarkable things will happen. Those believers who have already died will be resurrected – just as Jesus was resurrected and those believers who are still alive when Jesus returns will be utterly changed. We will receive new bodies that are neither blighted with a sinful nature nor are subject to disease and decay. These bodies will be like the body of the resurrected Jesus; the perfect man. 

We won’t be floating around on clouds playing harps, but will be given work to do as we reign with Christ.