Hebrews is written to Hebrews. Hebrews is not written to Gentile Christians. Whilst not all God’s word may be written to us, we can certainly say that all of God’s word has been written for us – there is much in Hebrews that is helpful for us as Gentile Christians.

Just who is Jesus? This seems to be the primary question being addressed in this first chapter of the book. Is he another representative of God sent to this world? Is he one of the angles? Is he the meek and mild representative of God, avoiding political power and rather building a spiritual kingdom?

The writer to the Hebrews selects seven Old Testament passages to demonstrate who Jesus is and what his present and future role will encompass.

There’s nothing quite like being at home after a long absence or journey. In the course of my work I have travelled a few times to Japan. The trip would often begin on a Sunday evening with an overnight flight to Tokyo and an internal flight to Osaka. We stayed in a fabulous hotel and worked from Tuesday through to Friday. The return trip lasted about 20 hours from door to door, but what a great feeling it was to be back at home!

We’ve seen so far that this New Testament book is a letter written specifically to Hebrews and is written to them in ‘these last days.’ We will now look at the introductory sentences and as we will see, the focus is on the Son of God: Jesus the Messiah.

Unexpressed (and often unwitting assumptions) and confirmation bias can easily cloud our thinking and judgment. Since we live in the ‘church age’ and since this era has continued for the best part of 2,000 years, we tend to approach the bible from a church age-perspective. The reality is that the bible is a Hebrew book.

We thought last week about ‘lucky dip bible reading.’ This an approach to the bible that is based on the truth that God speaks to us through his word – we can all happily agree with that, but some people think that God speaks directly when we simply open the bible randomly and apply directly to ourselves whatever we read.