God speaks

  1. Worthless idols

Jeremiah has been commissioned, he has been told that God will be watching and strengthening him for the difficult days ahead. Now, the work begins: ‘The word of the Lord came to me: Go and proclaim in the hearing of Jerusalem.’

Jeremiah – the background

Last time we looked at the covenants that God made with Israel. As we understand how these covenants form the relationship between God and Israel, they help us to understand why things played out the way they did in Jeremiah’s day.

Before we start looking at chapter 1, it seems sensible to grasp the history that took place during the time of Jeremiah’s work. We’ll look at this from the perspective of the nations, the kings of Israel and Jeremiah himself.

Jeremiah – the reluctant prophet

Israel’s existence and relationship with God is founded on promises God made through Abraham, Moses, David and the prophets Jeremiah and Ezekiel (see Jeremiah introduction part 1). These promises are shaped by God’s character of love and mercy.

Jeremiah – getting the context

The bible is a 66-book library of two volumes: the Old and New Testaments. The Old Testament divides quite naturally into 1). The books of the law (Genesis to Deuteronomy). 2). The historical books (Joshua to Esther). 3). The wisdom and poetry books (Job to Song of Solomon). 4). The Major Prophets (Isaiah to the Daniel) and 5). The Minor Prophets (Hosea to Malachi). Jeremiah is one of the Major Prophets.