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In God, In Adam, In Christ

There is a comment that Jesus made to the disciples that has struck me with some force, it is this: ‘I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you.’ If you go to a bible search website and search for “in Christ” you will be surprised how often this phrase appears in the New Testament. I want to take a bit of a detour from John 16 to explore this a bit more.

More encouragement

We learned last time that the disciples were in a confused and disturbed frame of mind. They were rightly convinced that Jesus was the Messiah, they were right the Messiah was to come and set up an eternal kingdom on earth, they were right to believe that they would be given top jobs in the kingdom. But things were not going as they had anticipated.

Trouble ahead

Jesus was walking with his disciples from the walled area of Jerusalem down into the Kidron valley. Shortly they would cross the Kidron valley and ascend to the Garden of Gethsemane. In less than 24 hours the Lord would be hung on a cross to die. There is now an urgency to encourage the disciples and prepare them for this difficult period. Would they listen? Would they be ready for the dark days that lay ahead?

Troubled Hearts

What did the disciples have to show for their three plus years of commitment to Jesus? As they spent time with Jesus in the upper room they had started to discuss who would get the top jobs in the kingdom. To our early 21st century eyes this was not only an odd topic to discuss but was surely crass and self-serving. But appreciation of the immediate and wider context is the key to gain understanding.

Jesus and the disciples had finished their meal. Much had been taught and much had been discussed. Now it was time to move, it was time for the Pharisees to make their move too. The group of 12 men left the upper room in the city, descended into the Kiron Valley, crossed over the stream and entered the olive grove on the side of the Mount of Olives.

Feet, betrayal and denial

Around about the time of the incidents recorded in John 13, the disciples had an argument. The dispute revolved around which disciple was the greatest. It’s somewhat remarkable that they should have indulged themselves in this way! Not surprisingly Jesus had something to say to them