Coming and going

Hard conversations rarely take place between people who don’t care about each other. If someone is about to damage themselves by a reckless act, loud and clear warnings will not come from disinterested by standers, but loud, clear and urgent warnings will come from those who love the reckless person.

The more excellent way

I remember at school the teacher saying, ‘empty barrels make most noise’;

The Dawkins Delusion and Resurrection Reality

If there is a God, then it is entirely reasonable to assume that he is capable of communicating with us. Thus it Is perhaps not so surprising that many people claim to experience God in diverse ways. But what if there is no God.  Could such experiences simply be inventions of the mind?

Unity not Uniformity: Diversity not division

Chapter 12 begins an entirely new theme in Paul’s letter to this troubled church: it’s about how the church works as a whole and how individuals work within the whole.

Wagging tongues

Most Christians would agree that God speaks to us through the bible. But, we can have a tendency to use the bible as a sort of horoscope, picking out verses at random and claiming them as a ‘special word from the Lord’.

A head for hats

God’s word makes some things crystal clear – no room for doubt. Take Paul’s words in the 6th chapter of this first letter to the Corinthians: Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God?