Do not lose heart

It’s easy to get into a rut. Often we don’t even realise that we are following previously laid down patterns of behaviour and practices that become embedded in our minds and thinking. Ruts have inertia that makes them resistant to change

Pain, love, forgiveness and pleasing aromas

If you are a parent you will know the agony of not knowing what to do for the best. You love your child, you would do anything for them, but they are neither listening to your good advice nor receptive to your concern. What to do?

Dead letter, life-giving spirit

There’s nothing more satisfying that a productive day’s work. Just stand back and admire the fruit of your labour – exhausted but satisfied a milestone has been reached and a task completed. Paul was a worker,

Standing firm in trouble and strife

With some people it seems you can never win. You go out of your way to be fair, you think carefully before you speak or act but it’s never good enough, you always offend, you always say the wrong thing!