True leadership: the scum of the earth

In the last section Paul pinpointed the cause of the problem in Corinth: the problem was quarrelling and jealousy over which leader to follow, the cause was immaturity and worldliness. The Corinthians were not growing because they were associated too intimately with the world’s system of thinking. Two problems, two causes and one solution – walk in the Spirit.

It’s the message not the messenger

These first three chapters in 1 Corinthians are really all about disunity in the church in Corinth which resulted from people putting too much emphasis on their liking for individual leaders - so much so that they had divided and started quarrelling

Grow up, build up, wise up.

What a bunch the Corinthians were! They were quarrelling amongst themselves and divisions had arisen in the church by preference of three leaders; there was the Cephas faction, the Apollos faction and the Paul faction.

All one in Christ Jesus

Paul visited Corinth during his second missionary journey. To say “visited” isn’t quite right, he actually stayed there for a year and a half – he met a couple of fellow Christians there who were also in the tent making profession; Priscilla and Aquila.