Take care!

We have seen in the last few chapters that there are areas of our conduct that are governed by great clarity on what is right and what is wrong, but there are many more areas in which we need to exercise judgement – God offers no clarity on what we ought to do. We must work it out for ourselves.

No easy answers

There are some parts of the bible that give great clarity on what we are to do, no doubts, no ifs, no buts, just clarity and specifics such as we find in the ten commandments. As helpful as these specifics are, we often encounter situations in which the bible gives no specific and easy answers.

I know my rights!


We live in a messed up world. Every aspect of creation has been blighted by the curse of sin and the influence of Satan. A restoration plan has however been instituted,

Forward looking statements

Future prospects impact present actions. That’s the idea behind company statements. If you ever happen to be reading a press release from a company that is listed on the stock exchange

When we don’t agree

In chapter 7 we discovered that there was a crisis in the church in Corinth that seemed to be associated with divisions over leadership, gross immorality and a lack of self control especially in the area of sexual conduct.

Cut it out

Quarrelling and divisions over leaders was a problem in the Corinthian church. Paul had identified worldly living and immaturity as the cause. Now in chapters 5 and 6 Paul deals with three specific forms of ill discipline that needed to be dealt with.