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What an extraordinary experience John has had! And what a privilege to accompany him through this remarkable series of visions and experiences! As John’s account comes to a close there is one more feature of the new order he still has to see and then he has two final and important closing conversations: one with the angel and a second with the Lord.

Thy kingdom come

Jesus had just finished praying when one of the disciples asked him ‘Lord, teach us to pray.’ Jesus obliged and right at the start of his model prayer he used these words ‘Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.’ God’s will is currently not being done on earth, but this will change, it will not be a gradual change, but will come about in a dramatic intervention,

When time runs out

 Most people consider tolerance to be a feature of Christianity and Christians in general. I checked through my NIV-UK electronic copy of the bible and was somewhat surprised to find that it is not a word associated with the character of God.

Everything New

What a privilege for John to be shown what will take place in the distant future. And what a privilege for us too to see these remarkable things through John’s eyes! Satan, the beast and the false prophet have been finally dealt with, men and women who had rejected God are also dealt with and now it’s time for something entirely new.

Satan’s kingdom comes to an end: Part 2

In chapter 17 we learned something of the start of the collapse of Satan’s kingdom – it’s a collapse that comes from within as the beast (Satan’s offspring) turns on the prostitute (false religion). In chapter 18 we will see the collapse of Satan’s corrupt commercial system. In all of this we notice mentions of God’s Holy people. Where are they when all of this is going on and what’s their story?

Warning and judgement

In chapters 12 and 13 John has described Satan’s activities and his parody of the trinity. It has been a disturbing account of a day when Satan’s lies will be widely embraced, but truth will speak.

The kingdom has come

“How could there be a God with all of this suffering, I just can’t believe.” 31% of people in the UK were reckoned to be atheists or agnostics in 1983, just 20 years later that figure had risen to 49%. “If only the world was a better place, if only there was no suffering, if only God would reveal himself, then I’d believe” this is what we hear atheists saying.

Satan’s kingdom comes to an end: Part 1

The world came under the control of Satan after the fall of Adam. In John’s first epistle (chapter 5) he remarks that ‘that the whole world is under the control of the evil one.’ We see clear evidence for the truth of John’s statement in our own observations of the state of this world.

Organised opposition

In chapter 12 we saw something of the great struggle between God and the forces of evil. There was war in heaven and Michael and his angels prevailed over Satan. Satan and his angels were thrown out of heaven to the earth. We learned that the dragon (Satan) was intent on destroying ‘the woman’ who represents Israel, but God protected.

In this 13th chapter we will meet the evil one’s companions