My daily commute takes me each day into London’s Victoria station. When I’m not writing these notes for the following Sunday I pick up one of the free papers on offer: the Metro in the morning (which I only now and again read – mornings are better for work!) and the London Evening Standard (which I almost always pick up). It’s good to keep up with what’s going

Denial of the obvious

There seems to be a much more aggressive atheism in the UK these days. Scientists present themselves as dispassionate and unbiased observers of the universe and declare that there is no god.

Claiming the world back

This world is not the most comfortable place for Christians. Our society is distinctly unchristian and the world we inhabit is not at all like the place we read of at the beginning of time. It feels as though we don’t exactly fit or belong in this world.

As I think about where we are in this remarkable book I wonder why God has given it to us. The book is largely concerned with things in the future, and much of that future does not concern us directly. So why do we need to know all this detail? Right at the beginning of the book we are told that by reading it, by hearing it and by taking it to heart we will derive benefit.

Getting the message out

In my company we frequently talk about communication. We have a single company language (English), we have dedicated communication specialists, we have every available resource: e-mail, telephone, videoconference and telepresence (a sort of super video conference), and yet in spite of this

The throne room of God!

John has met with Jesus and has heard the messages for the seven churches. We now have the privilege of following John through a door leading into heaven. Jesus tells John that he is about to see ‘what must take place after this.’

Staking claim

Perhaps it’s an urban myth that Germans place towels sun loungers around hotel pools early in the morning to stake their claim for the best places! I suspect that this practice is not restricted to the Germans! In Revelation 10 I believe that we see God staking his claim for occupancy of this world.

The start of reoccupation

The British Parliament opened this week following the recent general election (it’s mid May 2015 as I write this). There is a new influx of Scottish National Party (SNP) Members of Parliament (MP) and they are in a mood to make their presence felt in the debating chamber.

The two final churches

People like to know. Absence of knowledge is both uncomfortable and disengaging. Where are we going, how long will it take, what route will we take, and what will I need for the journey?  Imagine you’re about to travel and you had no answers to any of these questions!