Ps2306You prepare a table for me in the presence of my enemies.

The writer of this text spent time as a fugative, hiding in mountains.

He had real enemies hunting him.

He also had enemies inside his head  -  doubt, fear and guilt.

We all have these forces inside us.

Fear, guilt and doubt can plague the mind.

This is 'the presence of my enemies'

table stands for food, You prepare a meal for me.

Preparing food is both a task and an act of love

along with the felt unison of sharing food

When I am plagued with fear and guilt, God prepares food as an act of love.


while seeing and absorbing Gods promise of forgiveness, (reading and meditating)

The Holy Spirit will attend us in real time, and take away our fear.

The damage is repaired.

In this life the enemies are always present, so is our Shepherd.